Allison's Woods - Nov 16th

Allison's Woods.

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  1. Attached is the guide for the November trip. (see bottom of this web page).  Pass this on to your son.
  2. T118 and T33 will be cooking all adult meals together. Parents and scout family are invited to come up to Allison’s Woods for the day on Saturday to watch the events. We need an accurate head count for each meal.
  3. We need volunteers to help with various events. Read the message below and respond to Scott J or me.
T118 will have a lot of volunteers on this trip to help out. We need to do our part. This will be a great event.


I am looking for VOLUNTEERS. Adults who are interested and willing to join the fun the weekend of November 16-18th, please email me and cc Mr. Olert.

  • Cliff Climb – 4 Adults including 2 Scoutmasters who can monitor lashing and knots
  • Firebuilding & Fish Catching – 2 additional adults to help Steve H
  • Rifle Range – John H, Alphonso T and Walter L have volunteered. We could use 1 more.
  • Knot Relay & Tarp Pitch – Jim Y & Ray S have volunteered, we could use 2 more.
  • Mystery Event – Robert B has volunteered. I need 2-3 more... does anyone have any experience with CMS’s Odyssey of the Mind?
  • Lumberjack Challenge – Bruce M has volunteered. I need 2 more.
  • Cooking – Mike O is taking the lead. We need at least 4 more adults to help here!
  • Campfire – I need 2 adults who will work with our 6 boys that are working on Communication Merit Badge. 118 is taking the lead, but our 6 boys along with a team from 118 will be planning and executing this event.
  • Robert L has volunteered to help with Sunday’s religious service.
Patrol Sponsors will NOT travel with their patrols to the stations. This is a boy-led adventure.

Please put in your 2 cents! If you don’t volunteer... I’ll come looking for you! I could really use a couple of adults for the campfire. This will take a commitment, but it will be worth the effort.

Thanks to all for your commitment to BSA and the success of T-33!

Scott J

November 16-18 Trip: We are going to do a fun teambuilding & competition with Troop 118 at Allison’s Woods in Statesville. It is a substitute for the Camporee. Scott Juvelier will be sending me a recap of the plans for the weekend. The events will include much of what we did at the 2008 Allison’s Wood Klondike Derby. Attached is a file with the details. Parents: Please share this with your scout.  The weekend is going to include:

  • Outdoor/Lumberjack Skills like: Ax throwing, bucksaw competitions, rifle shooting, Knot Relays
  • Orienteering
  • Cliff Climbing, Fire building, Fishing and Cooking
  • First Aid
  • Obstacle Course
  • Building and racing a Klondike Sled
  • Camp fire, Sunday Church Service
  • Great Food

The Saturday events will be open to all family members that want to attend. We will need committee people to help organize and run events. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO HELP OUT. This will be a fun weekend.

Mike O.

For some history on Allison's Woods visit the link here:

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