Charleston - June 8th


Scouts and Parents,

The troop tries to plan a variety of monthly trips annually for the scouts to participate in. The basis for our monthly trips is for the boys to have opportunities to practice their scouting and leadership skills. Scout meetings and monthly weekend activities are also designed to possibly generate a lifelong interest in a particular subject area. The June 8th - 9th to Charleston, SC is a prime example. This trip is a Friday overnight and a 12 mile hike Saturday on a historical trail through downtown Charleston. It has been many years since the troop has done this trip to Charleston.

This is a quick overview for the June historic trails trip to Charleston. We will depart the scout hut at the normal 5:30 time on Friday June 8th. We will be camping Friday night, at Givhans Ferry State Park in Ridgeville, SC. Saturday we will break camp early and drive to the downtown historical area of Charleston.

There the scouts will complete the 12 mile "Siege of Charleston" Historic Trail. The trail has a Civil War theme. Along the 12 mile route, there will be a series of 45 historical Civil War questions relating to that area of Charleston. The trail forms a loop that begins and ends at the battery. Upon the correct completion of each question, the scouts will be awarded the special patch or metal that goes along with completing the trail. If the items are delivered promptly, they will be awarded at the September CT of Honor.

We plan to depart the downtown area of Charleston around 3:30 PM. We will be stopping for diner on the return trip to Charlotte. We plan to arrive back at the hut at approximately 9 PM Saturday night.

We need a bus driver for the troop bus. We also need two adults to handle the grub master detail. The adult's menu for breakfast and lunch has been determined

There is a $5.00 / scout charge for this trip. This is a contribution towards the Saturday dinner that we will have on the return trip to Charlotte. We hope to be back at the hut by 9 PM Saturday night.

Additional information:

  • Scouts camping by patrol
  • Saturday breakfast will require no cooking at the state park.
  • Saturday lunch will be a trail type lunch eaten in a park or along the trail route
  • Each participating scout needs to bring their $5.00 payment to their patrol meeting or give their payment to their PL at Friday's departure. 
  • We will be hiking the historical trail in Class C uniforms with hiking boots. 
  • Backpacks required for short hike to campsites 
  • We will be dinning Saturday night in Class B uniform 
  • Departure: Friday 5:30 PM 
  • Return: Saturday 9:00 PM(EST)

  • If you need a tent, we will be at the hut at 6:30 on Thursday, 6/7 to distribute any gear needed. 
  • We need one or two additional vehicles to drive to for the trip. 

This will be fun and educational trip for all participating.

Thanks for everyone's attention,

Bruce A. Marsh

Lance Read,
Jun 5, 2012, 7:06 PM