High Adventure - July 7th

(you can download the menu for this trip on the Resources page.  Look for the folder "Grub Master / Cooking" 

See some extra Tips here:  High Adventure 2012 - Tips

Last Minute Update from Brett Harris:

Hopefully, this will answer any remaining questions prior to our Saturday departure.  Also, click on the image at the bottom for a summary of our itinerary for reference.


  1. We have had one change in our adult attendance.  Thom Sumner will not be in attendance.  Patrol assignments remain as they were.
  2. Friday Check-in…be at the hut at 6:30pm with your duffle bags and dry bags ready to load on the bus and van.  We will also load the food, gear, etc.  Plan on staying until completion.
  3. Forms…bring any outstanding forms to Friday’s check-in and give to Greg.  Greg sent a list of missing forms.
  4. Payments…bring any final payments and give to Joel.
  5. Passports…bring your passport to the Friday check-in and give to Greg.  We will collect them so none get lost during the trip.  Make a copy to keep at home.
  6. Saturday Departure…be at the hut at 6am for a 6:30am departure.  Our itinerary for the day includes a stop at the New River Gorge Bridge and we need to arrive in Dayton before 7pm.  Bring your day packs with whatever travel stuff you need.  We will not have access to the duffle bags or dry bags while traveling.
  7. Travel attire…wear HA 2012 t-shirt, cargo type shorts (no gym shorts, jeans or cut offs), tennis shoes or docksiders (no flip flops).  NOTE:  Be sure your son packs his Class B uniform (scout shirt, red troop t-shirt, scout shorts, scout socks, shoes), when possible we will wear this when eating out.
  8. HA T-shirts…if you did not receive 3 HA shirts, the balance of shirts are in and will be handed out at Friday’s check-in.
  9. Travel Snacks…the Troop is providing travel snacks, etc.  Please minimize the amount of extra candy, gum, etc you send with your son.  We will be on the bus over 40 hours combined for this trip and keeping our wonderful asset (the bus) in good condition ensures long term use by not only us but future T33 scouts.  We will take required bio breaks and snack breaks while traveling thus NO EATING on the bus.
  10. Spending Money…the Troop pays for all meals during the trip.  However, if your son wants to buy souvenirs, ice cream, etc at some of our stops then he’ll need some spending money.  Recommend you minimize this as keeping up with their money (& any electronics they bring) is their responsibility.
  11. Medications…if your son requires daily medications please let Greg know.  He will get with one of the adults in your son’s crew to insure they take their medications as required.


Looking forward to a wonderful trip!


HA 2012 Touring Schedule




  1.  Class 3 Physical that is <= 1 year old. Attached below is copy of the form just in case you do not have one "2011_MedForms.pdf". (Note: Attached copy has 2 cover pages from Blue Ridge Council - You can ignore those. You are interested in pages 3-5 of the form). If you have already submitted an up to date MedForm, you do not need to resubmit it. If you or your son has had a physical  after July 17, 2011, you can just ask your doctor to fill in the blanks, you do not need to get another physical.
  2. Meds - We will collect all prescriptions drugs just before we depart. Prescription medication should be in its original container (if possible, if not put in a container with info from the original label) in a zip lock bag with the user's name on the bag. We will carry over the counter meds in the first aid kits.
  3. Insurance Card - Please copy your the front and back of your insurance card onto the one side of a sheet of paper and submit with your medical form. 


  1. Passport - Everyone will need a passport. They are good for 5 years if you are < 18 years of age and good for 10 years if you >= 18 years of age. the process is outlined below

a. go here to determine what form you need:  http://travel.state.gov/passport/forms/forms_847.html  It will depend on whether it is a new or renewal application and the age of the applicant.
b. gather the necessary proof
1. Proof of citizenship - Birth certificate is the most likely or an expired passport
2. One current ID
c. Get Passport photos - The UPS store is good place to get these made
d. Money - You will end up writing two checks for your passport. (one to the USPS and one to the USDept of State, so don't go to apply unless you have 2 checks in your check book). It will be ~ $135 for adults and $105 for children. I suggest you just get the book (not the book and card).
e. Go to the USPS - Once you have the app, proof, photos and your checks, go here to find out the nearest PO (make sure you select passport in the location type drop down menu). My best luck has been with the McDowell PO downtown. They open at 8:30 a.m. I suggest you show up by 8:00 a.m. to hold your spot in line

If you have any questions about the passport application process, let me know. They claim 4-6 weeks to get a new application turned. My experience is that it actually takes less than that. But you need to get hustling. You can always pay someone to expedite it if you don't want to deal with the hassle. go here for an example  uspassportnow.com


  1. Naturally Superior Release form - Please fill out the attached form "standard release scouts and guides.pdf". 
  2. Adult Liability Form - Adults, please fill out "Liability form.pdf" and return to Greg LeBlanc.
  3. Child Consent Form - Please fill out the attached form "Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad.doc" . The completed form should be given to Greg LeBlanc. The following statements are from the State Department’s web site and on the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) web site regarding permission for a non-parent, non-guardian to supervise children going into / out of Canada.
State Department - Travel with Minors: If you plan to travel to Canada with a minor who is not your own child or for whom you do not have full legal custody, CBSA may require you to present a notarized affidavit of consent from the minor’s parents. Please refer to the CBSA website linked above for more details. There is no specific form for this document, but it should include dates of travel, parents’ names and photocopies of their state-issued IDs. 

Canada Border Services Agency: Adults who are not parents or guardians should have written permission from the parents or guardians to supervise the children. The consent letter should include addresses and telephone numbers where the parents or guardian can be reached.The form is prefilled the area labeled “information about accompanying person” and “contact information during trip”.

We should obtain this form for each minor child traveling with us that will not be accompanied by their own parent. 


  1. Full Gear List: The full gear list is being maintained by Mike Olert in a spreadsheet and is being constantly updated. The spreadsheet is not on the website for privacy reasons. Check your email from Mike for the full list.
  2. Electronics / Cell Phones. These are allowed on this trip. John Bedford checked with Naturally Superior and they say cell phone coverage will be limited or non-existent for most of our paddling trip, but we should have some near Wawa and Sault St Marie.  If you plan to use a cell phone in Canada, check with your phone provider because you may have to have them turn-on coverage for Canada for your phone.  Of course, at an additional charge.  Our guides will be bringing a satellite phone for emergency calls.  They and I will bring VHF radios for weather and emergency calls to the Canadian Coast Guard
  3. Movies on DVD. You may bring DVDs. All movies must be approved by adult leaders. Absolutely no R-Rated movies.
  4. Personal Tents for Adults: Please check with John Bedford. Single tents for some adults may be ok, but there a couple of constraints: some campsites may not have enough room, especially if the tent has a large footprint. They may have to double up at some sites. Size of bagged tent could be a problem - length is often critical. Anything longer than about 20 inches unless it can be bent won't make the 90 deg turn after going through the hatch.
  5. Whistles: Whistles provided by outfitter – Ontario law. 
  6. Water Shoes: Need to have hard, closed toes with good treads like Keen. No soft or open toes or flip flops.  
  7. Shirt(s): Long sleeve poly-pro shirt is nice for paddling on cool mornings when fleece might be too warm. Poly-pro is quite comfortable even when wet. Zipper necks are handy for venting body heat. 
  8. Dry Bags: If anyone has Dry Bags they can lend to scouts, let Mike Olert know. Plan to bring them to the hut. Note: Army-Navy Surplus store on Highway 24/27 near Midland, NC has large (2 ft. x 3 ft.) dry bags for sale at $5.00 each. **Double check size of bag with John Bedford for fit in kayak**.

  9. Mike Olert took 4 small dry bags to the hut that all have “Olert” on them. They can be borrowed by anyone who needs a small dry bag. Just return them after the trip.

    John Bedford notes that he has a Seal Line Hahia 30. It is 11" wide and 19" long, when filled and closed. This is 32 liters or 1950 cu in. It will just fit thru a standard single kayak hatch if they are not packed too firmly, because they must be able to bend to make the turn to lie down in the bottom of the storage compartment. Recommends one dry bag (see 
    High Adventure 2012 - Tips)

Everything Else

  1. Trip Calendar/Budget/Supply List - Not posted on the website. See spreadsheet emailed by Mike Olert which has detailed information on budget, the trip calendar, supplies and more.
  2. Trip Cost: Still working on it, but plan on roughly $1100.
  3. Scout Leadership. SPL: Jacob McElhaney ASPL: Cary Gavin 
  4. T-Shirts: See list distributed via email. If your name is not filled in for size and # of shirts, please let Mike Olert know. We need to get the order placed. See one option for the design attached below "TShirt_Troop33Template.pdf".
  5. (complete) Next Meeting Dates:
    • June 14th 6:30 at the hut: Equipment Check: EVERYONE on the HA trip needs to attend. We will pull out equipment for trip, check it for completeness and set it aside for the trip
    • June 28th 6:30 at the hut: Shakedown: Everyone needs to attend. Bring everything you plan to take for the trip to be checked out
    • June 30th 9:00 at the hut: ALL HA PARTICIPANTS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. Food Prep Day. Everything Repackaged and packed up for the trip

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