Wilson's Creek - Sept 14th

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Our September trip will involve EVERYONE working on 1 of 4 merit badges.  Monday, August 6th, will be the first sign-up night.  EVERYONE in the troop, adults included, will have to sign up for one of these 4 merit badges.  We will have 4 sign up sheets at the Hut tonight:

  • CYCLING – must have proper equipment

Do a little research... look at the requirements for these 4 merit badges.

Sign up for your FIRST CHOICE.  Put a “1” next to your name for your FIRST CHOICE.

Also... sign up for your SECOND CHOICE.  Put a “2” next to your name for your SECOND CHOICE (complicated isn’t it!).

Do not sign up for any merit badge that you already have.  If you are not going to be at the meeting August 6th, please send an email to me and let me know your first two choices.  The 4 merit badge counselors will form the groups this week and will let you know what is involved.  We will do our best to get you your first or second choice.

Again... this is for EVERYONE.  Every registered scout, whether you are going on the trip or not, must sign up for one of these 4 merit badges.  Adults attending the trip also must sign up for one of the 4 merit badges. 


Scott J