Allison Woods, Camporee - Nov 15

updated 10/31

Scouts and Scoutmasters and Troop Families,

Monday night, 11/4,  we will continue camporee training. We will be practicing the Log Suspension and Norwegian Waddle at the BBQ shelter and in the open field area. Groups of three patrols will split the meeting time practicing knots and lashing. Patrol sponsors will work with their patrols at each station. 

Scouts should bring the following:

  • head lamp
  • Scout Hand Book
  • Rain Coat(if necessary)
  • Patrol head count for the weekend
  • Patrol gear list

There have been a couple additions to the weekend's camporee activities.

Attached below, you will find the campsite inspection sheet for each Patrol site.
There will also be a Dutch Oven dessert cooking event Saturday night. 

The desserts do not have to be too elaborate or too unusual. There will be a select panel of judges to judge your dessert creations. The better the dessert, the more your patrol will enjoy the treat. 

I have heard from several adults who will be attending the weekend events to help with the adult cook team and event sponsorship. Thank you very much. We need still several more adult volunteers for the weekend. I need to give 118 and adult head count for their weekend food preparations.   

Thanks for your attention. 
See you Monday night,

B Marsh

Leader's Guide can be downloaded below.

Note that the "Grab Bag Lashing" event is being held at the air strip.

Scouts, Scout Masters and parents, 

We had our first dual camporee planning session Sept 19 at Troop 118. A special thanks to our SPL and ASPL for participating and contributing to the event planning. I wanted to also thank R Satterfield and B Harris for participating and contributing. 

We have settled on 9 events and their sponsors for the Saturday scouting skills events. They will be: 

  • Trail Tent: Troop 33 
  • Norwegian Waddle: Troop 33 
  • Knot Tying: Troop 33 
  • Fire Building and fish cooking: Troop 33 
  • Mystery Event: Joint sponsorship 
  • Shooting: Joint Sponsorship 
  • Flag Etiquette: Joint Sponsorship 
  • Physical Fitness: Troop 118 
  • Lashing: Troop 118 

The Saturday afternoon Trebuchet event will be a troop event sponsored by Troop 33. There will be one Trebuchet team per troop. There will be a Patrol Tug-a-War Saturday afternoon also, sponsored by Troop 118. 

The Sunday AM event will be the Troop 118 search and rescue event that combines Orienteering and First Aid. We will need to place the compass points in the field. Troop 118 will handle the First Aid victims and running the event.

Troop 118 will take care of feeding the adult crews. We will need to contribute some man power to assist with the cook team.

There will be a Saturday night campfire and Sunday scout is reverent ceremony that will require scout and adult musicians.

We will have a follow up planning meeting the first week of October.

Thanks for your attention,

B Marsh
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Oct 31, 2013, 6:29 PM
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