Virginia Creeper - Sep 20

We are biking the Virginia Creeper Trail on Sept 20-22, 2013.  Parents, please pass this message on to your Scout who needs to be aware of what will be taking place since we only have one meeting (Sept 9, 2013) between now and the trip - the other Monday, Sept 16, 2013, is a Court of Honor.
  1. Meeting on Sept 9, 2013 - You will bring your bikes and helmets to this meeting. We will run a section on bike safety and you will run your bike through a series of checkout stations as a patrol. Dress for the meeting is Class C (Scout Shorts, Red T Shirt, Scout Socks and boots). The goal is to make sure bikes are in good working order.
  2. Extra Bike and Bike Tools- Mr Hall will be the central clearing house to collect bike tools, pumps and bikes that you can share . If have bike tools, pumps or bikes that you can make available for the trip or you need a bike contact Mr. Hall. We need 
    • Bike Tools(especially tire levers) 
    • Tire pumps 
    • Extra Bikes that people can lend out 
  1. Label Tools. Make sure you label any tools or pumps that you are willing to share so you can get them back. 
  2. Trip Meals - The patrols will be responsible for only 3 meals (Sat breakfast, Sun breakfast and Sun lunch). The troop will cover Sat Lunch and dinner. Costs should be in the range of $8. 
  3. Adult Volunteers - We need a minimum of 13 adult volunteers to go on the trip to make this trip happen (maybe 15). If you can make the trip, please let me know.
  4. All Scouts - Your bikes have probably been sitting for a while. It is time to bring them out to see if they can make the 50 mile trip. You will want to check your
    • Tires - will they hold the proper pressure?
    • Brakes - can you stop?
    • Derailers and chain - Can you easily change gears? Does the chain need some oil on it?
    • Pull them out and check them out. I strongly suggest you do this sometime this week so you can take any corrective action this coming weekend if needed. Also do you have a helmet that fits (you need a helmet to ride)?
    • NOTE 1 - There is a PLC at 6:30 that evening that will cover plans for this trip.
    • NOTE 2 - If you will not be there on Sept 9 and are going on the trip, contact me to make alternate arrangements for a bike check out. I will conduct alternate check out on Sat, Sept 13, 2013 in the morning
  1. Bike Drop Off on Thurs, Sept 19, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. - You will drop your bike off for the trip on Thurs, Sept 19, 2013 starting at 7:00 p.m. We will load them onto Mr. Belk's trailer that evening so we do not have to handle the bikes again until Sat (Sept 21, 2013) at the start of the Virginia Creeper Trail in Whitetop, VA. If you will not be there to drop off your bike for this trip, you need to make arrangements with someone to get your bike there that evening for you.
  2. Departure on Fri, Sept 20, 2013 at 5:30 from the hut - Normal departure time. Plan to be at the hut no later than 4:45 p.m.
If you want to see a topo of the bike trail, go to this link The topo is on the bottom of the map- we go downhill!!. We start at Whitetop to Damascus, VA to Abingdon, VA and then back to Damascus. (you will see the trail in the highlighted red - difficult to differentiate but you will get it).

If you need a bike, I have a spare 26" and 24" bike. Contact me

Details will be finalized at the PLC on Sept 9.

G LeBlanc