High Adventure 2013 - Jul 17

Pacific Coast Trail

updated 6/23/13

Dates and Details for 2013 High Adventure

  • Eligible Scouts: Anyone 13 years old or 1st Class rank at the time of the trip (attendees finalized)
  • Adult Sponsors (hiking)Randy Satterfield, Greg LeBlanc, Mark Rozear, Jeff Dishman, Jim Acuff
  • Adult Sponsors (touring only): Thom Sumner, Mike DeCramer, David Blackley 
  • Dates: July 17 – July 27th 
  • Hiking: 68 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State 
  • Touring 4 days visiting sights in the Seattle area (specific sites TBD)
  • Cost: Maximum $1000 per person 
  • Required Forms: See bottom of this page

Preparation and Next Steps
  1. Money - $500/attendee due on June 24, 2013 and balance due ($500/attendee) on July 14, 2013. If you provided your own airline ticket, you pay on June 24.
  2. Med Forms - Get them to Greg LeBlanc (either electronic or hard copy). Download the form: Medical Form
  3. Consent Forms - We need a form completed by parent of each Scout attending. (if parent is attending, still want just in case). Need by July 14, 2013. Download the form: Consent Form
  5. Packing List – The boys will have three separate bags to pack. The first is their back pack. Please have your son use the attached list and get everything done ASAP. You must make sure this is done correctly. The boys have backpacked enough to know what they need but the list provides a nice guideline. The pack will be checked by an adult at the shakedown. The backpack will be put into a large duffle bag and checked in at the airport. Second is their touring bag. This will be carried with them on the plane and will have the touring clothes they will be walking around in as well as the toiletries they will need while staying at the Boys & Girls club. They will pack their sleeping bag and pad in their backpack. We will then transfer that over when we arrive at the Boys and Girls Club so they can use it there. Since bags are $25 to check we are only checking the backpacks. ($25 per person each way is budgeted in price of trip) The third and final bag is their daypack. The boys can use this to carry snacks, electronics, books etc. It is easier to access this and they can also use it while touring if they choose to.
  6. While traveling we will be in the following attire:
    • On the airplane and at dinner: Scout shirt and pants or shorts, scouts socks and brown shoes
    • Touring will be in the new High Adventure shirt, nice pair of shorts (no gym shorts please) and comfortable shoes
    • On the trail. They know this one. BE COMFORTABLE! Please make sure they have hiking boots that are broken in.
  7. Colin is working on a very exciting touring schedule. Will get back to all the boys with the news.
  8. We want to arrive at the airport at 6:00 AM Wednesday morning the 17th of July. This will require us to leave the hut at 5:30. We know this is early but there is much to do for 15 people to get through the process.
  9. Please pack some food for your son to eat the morning of the 17th for breakfast. Food is very expensive in the airport and especially on the plane. It is a 5 hour plane ride.
  10. Did I mention we are having a MANDATORY SHAKEDOWN MEETING on Sunday July 14 at 1:00. In this meeting we will go over each scouts back pack.
We leave in just over three weeks. Please get the packing done as early as possible so they can go back and check it to make sure it is right.

This is going to be the best trip ever!


Excerpt of email from Jeff Dishman (see email from Mike Olert)


The section of the PCT only allows small groups anyway, off the top of my head I think 12 is the magic number.

Logistically, keep in mind that we'll need transportation at both ends of a linear hike with a good deal of distance driving in between...so best practice if we can pull it off would be to have two groups, one southbound, the other northbound, and pass the keys in the middle. Just checked...117 miles back roads, a little over 2 hours between the two for driving time

The PCT in WA state between Stevens Pass and Snoqualmie Pass will not have cell coverage, too remote except at/near the trailheads. SPOT or some other satellite device for emergency would be necessary. I will need to re-certify on Wilderness First Aid if this is a go. Without Ben, we'd defintely want another seasoned adult.

This section of trail is amazingly beautiful. Snow levels are lower than normal, it's been drier and sunnier than normal, we still have a lot of snow at 4,500 feet and up, but it's going to melt quicker unless we get a surprise snow event in the next 4 weeks..still possible, but the long term forecast is warmer than normal...so we have a good shot at hiking this section this year.

I have another alternate trip on the PCT in Oregon, in the Three Sisters wilderness...as a backup if snow levels are too high. I think the bigger issue by July will be fire danger and fortunately the Washington Cascades should be exempt until August/September.


Excerpt of email from Scott Juvelier (back in 2012)

This is a similar trip to our 2007 High Adventure and will truly be a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” opportunity for any boys and adults who are eligible. The Pacific Crest Trail is the west coast equivalent of the Appalachian Trail. It is a 3000+ mile continuous trail from Canada to Mexico! The hike is approximately 11 miles per day over 5 1/2 days at elevations from 4000-9000 ft from Stevens Pass (Route 2) to Snoqualmie Pass (Hwy 90) east of Seattle. We will be hiking along glaciers, through western evergreen forests and along a ridge with spectacular 360 degree vistas. Jeff Dishman,who is an Assistant Scoutmaster, lives in Portland and has hiked this stretch of the PCT, will be one of our guides. The touring potential in the Seattle area is fantastic! 

For an interesting interactive map of the Pacific Crest trail, check out the following link: 


Scott Juvelier
Lance Read,
Jun 23, 2013, 6:14 PM
Lance Read,
Jun 23, 2013, 6:14 PM
Lance Read,
Jun 23, 2013, 6:14 PM