Allison Woods - Oct 17

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Parents and Scoutmasters,

We are preparing for the 3rd Annual T3/118 Camporee, an event that has proven to one of the most popular of the year. We have pulled together events from Camporees going back 30 years aimed at being FUN while also showing scout skills and teamwork. Here is some important information on the event:

  • Date: Oct 17-19 
  • Place: Allison’s Woods (Statesville) 
  • Food: The T118 Café will provide all adult meals. We need to have 4-5 adults who can help the 118 folks with prep for each meal (It is incredible eating!!) 
  • Adult Participation: This is an event that we encourage participation by parents who might not normally g on camping trips. The scoutmasters will be with the boys. We need 14-18 committee adults to help with running the events. IT IS NOT TOO EARLY TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND. 
  • Troop Meeting Event Practice: Event details are below. We need adult help putting together the materials for practicing the events at the troop and/or patrol meetings. This includes gathering poles of various sizes, rope for lashings and knots, mousetraps, etc. Let me know if you can help with this.
Next Steps:
  1. We have 3 meetings (See Calendar on home page) to practice for the Camporee events. The plan is to have the materials at the hut to have all patrols able to practice 2 events per meeting.
  2. Patrols will have meetings to practice separate events (Like Firebuilding, Bucket Brigade and Fireman’s Drag)
  3. Sponsors, patrol leaders and parents: It is important to attend as many meetings as possible to be able to practice the skills and teamwork needed.
  4. We will also have a Dutch Oven Dessert contest and Campfire event complete with Musicians and storytelling.
We will have the following events (more details to come):
  • Lumberjack Skills: Axe & knife throwing, Crosscut Saw and the ever popular Blowgun shooting (Scoring on a dartboard)
  • Shooting: 22 Rifles and Bow & Arrow: Combined scoring contest
  • First Aid: This will be integrated into different events (Questions vs. a stand alone event)
  • Mystery Event: You’ll find out when you get there. It is a team building event.
  • Flag Event
  • Physical Fiteness
  • Save the Papoose
  • Mousetrap
  • Fireman's Drag
  • Bucket Brigade
  • Carry the Torch Bearer
  • Long Way Down

I want to continue with information about next month’s 3rd annual dual camporee with our neighbors at St Stephens UMC, Troop 118.

The site of the 3rd annual dual camporee again, is at Allison’s Woods in the Statesville area. This opportunity continues to be made available to the troop through Locke Long and his family in Statesville. If you are unfamiliar with Allison’s Woods, here is a link to their web site: Troop 33 is very fortunate to continue to have this resource available to us for this annual event.


The format for the weekend’s events, will duplicate the previous two years. This is the best opportunity annually for scouts to practice their scouting and leadership skills in a competitive environment, and adults to experience the fellowship of scouting with a large group.


Every scout and their family, are greatly encouraged to participate in the weekend’s events. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to visit for the day on Saturday, to help with the events and witness their sons experiencing the weekend.  

Attached you will find a very brief outline for the Patrol competition events:

  • Event descriptions 
  • Event’s troop sponsorship(volunteers needed) 
  • Patrol’s events practice session dates prior to the camporee 

Additional opportunities for scouts are:

  • Musicians for Saturday night’s campfire program and Sunday’s scout is reverent service 
    • Scout and adult volunteers are needed to help conduct both programs 
    • There will be a practice session at St Stephens one Monday night 
    • Input for the music selection for each program 
  • Communications MB requirement: 
  • Assist in conducting a campfire program 

Adult volunteers are needed for the following opportunities

  • Camporee Weekend: 
    • Assisting in conducting the events for the scouts 
    • Assisting with the Café 118, which is the weekend’s food service operation for the adults in attendance 
  • Monday nights and Patrol meetings 
    • Assisting in allowing the scouts to practice and learn their scouting skills for the competitive events 

For the next several weeks, each patrol will be conducting practice sessions at their weekly patrol meetings. These are very important meetings for each patrol and their members. The greater the scout participation, the more they will increase their skill level and build on leadership.

Please let Michael know if you can volunteer for the weekend’s events,

Bruce M
Lance Read,
Sep 20, 2014, 10:33 AM