Grimes Service Project - Mar 21

Each scout and adult planning to work, should bring the following. Please label each:

  • Work gloves 
  • Hammer 
  • Safety goggles 
  • Ear plugs 


12 - Staff Cabins:
  • Patrols in separate cabins
  • Adults

4 - Senior Staff Cabins:
  • 2 person adult cabins
  • w/ a Bathroom

Dick Carter Training Center:

Dinning facilities: Dining hall and kitchen

Projects are listed in priority order:

Climbing wall siding replacement – need to replace the 16 sheets of siding on the climbing wall.
  • Need 6 adults to remove and replace panels. Will use safety ropes and ladders
  • Need 3 people each panel on the ground to remove rocks, drill holes in new panels and replace rocks. Would like to be working on 4 panels at one time.
  • Total of 600 bolts for the rock holds and panels.
  • Replace the doors and new post. Each post will have 2 bags of concrete added.
  • Tools: Circular saws, saw horses, cordless drills, hex wrenches, sockets, small tools
Replace floor and siding on storage in climbing tower storage room at base of tower.
  • Need 3 people to remove current floor rot, add sheaving and cover floor.
  • Remove the window and siding. Replace with new T1-11.
  • Saws will need to be used by adults
  • Tools: Circular saws, saw horses, cordless drills, hex wrenches, sockets, small tools
Artesian Beams – remove old post and replace with new post and cut new cross beams

  • Need 3 people to dig 6 holes and place new post in the correct place. Post will be 5 foot long, and 8” X 8”. Post need to be level with the tallest at 19” from the ground. Concrete will not be used. Tamp the ground as dirt is added.
  • Tools: Tape measure and level

Duck Houses – cut, build and install 10 duck houses on the upper part of Lake Albert and the creek feeding Lake Calhoun. Some will be on trees and others will need to have post driven.
  • The wood and post will be provided
  • Will mark the locations of the duck house prior to the weekend. The height from ground will be marked on the tape.
  • Need 4 to 8 people. Two adults and lot of scouts. Will cut wood, nail and screw as shown on the plans then place the boxes. The boxes will need to be loaded with wood chips prior to placement
  • Tools: Tape measure, cordless drills, small wrenches

Trail work: There will be one or two work crews for trail work.

Limb and debris removal:
  • Chain saws for tree and limb removal.
  • Loppers and small bow saws for bush and small limbs(Camp Grimes will provide)
  • Clear ATV trail

Thanks for your consideration,

Bruce M