High Adventure 2014 - July 9

High Adventure 2014: Kayaking, Prince Edward Island, Georgian Bay.

**See spreadsheet sent on 6/25/14 for details of items mentioned below***

Here is an update on the High Adventure Planning. 

Participants: We have confirmed that we have 7 scouts and 5 adults.

Cost per Participant: Maximum of $1,000.I think it will be closer to $800.00 (Not counting the troop contribution).

Budget: We have the following items set up:

  • Kayaks, etc: $164/person, $1,962 total
  • 15 Passenger Van: $1,700 (Including Insurance). Renting From Triangle on South Blvd.
  • Gas: Approx $960.00
  • Touring Meals: $1,960
  • Touring Budget: ?
  • Paddling Meals:
Itinerary: Thom, Bruce, and John need to firm up the itinerary dates to insure we know where we will be each day, planned activities, and where will be staying. How many days will we paddle? Etc.


  • NY: Boy’s & Girl’s Club East Aurora, NY Bruce has this handled
  • Toronto: We are still looking for a place to stay in Toronto. We need help here.
    1. Steve H has reserved a cabin at Camp Manitou. 
    2. Bruce is working on churches in the Toronto area.
    3. Russ M: It would be great if we could stay at the Toronto Armory again. 
    4. Killarney: 7/11. We are camping near the put in point.
    5. Bruce has reservations at Ohio Valley U in Parkersburg W Va for 7/18
Personal Equipment For Paddling
  • This is a pretty complete list (see recent email) of items to bring to pack in your dry bags.
  • Parents, make sure your son is getting all necessary equipment and clothing together.

Troop Equipment List: All adults need to review whether this list is complete. Work with Chris to start gathering the equipment.

Touring List: 
  • What to pack in your duffel for the touring part.(see latest spreadsheet from email)
  • Niagara Falls: Doing the Cave of the Winds Tour. Craig is checking on discounts and if advanced tickets are needed.
  • Toronto: Still firming up sightseeing plans. Craig and Steve are checking on this.
  • Warther Museum: Craig checking on discounts.

Outfitter/Maps, Etc.
  • John has all of the equipment needed through the outfitter.
  • John is getting maps for the kayaking part. Scott M to make copies for each scout. 
Satellite Phone:
  • I have asked Jim A to secure a phone for us.
  • Cindy C is handling
  • Passports: Parents, we will hold onto the boy’s passport. We need a color copy of each passport.
  • Class 3 Medical Forms.
  • Permission Forms: The medical forms gives us permission to get medical treatment for the boys (As well as taking them on the trip). 
T-Shirts: (past due)
  • Zach B and the other scouts should be working on a shirt design and should have 1-2 options to present to the group by 6/9.
  • Needs to be to Kyle D by 6/24.
  • I need everyone to confirm the size and type of the 3 T-shirt they want (Cotton or Poly-Pro)

  • I think we should use the meal plan from last year’s HA trip.
  • Thom, please get with Amy & Lou if you have any suggestions for changes in the meal plan.
  • (6/24 update) Lou and Amy have told me that they have the meal planning, food, buying, etc taken care of. They will let us know if any help is needed.

Pack 33 Trailer:
  • Locke, to get with Kendal to take the P33 trailer over to A&B automotive to make sure it is in good shape for the 2,400 mile trip.
Tour Permit
  • Randy S is handling this.
First Aid Kit:
  • Anne W or Scott D, can you help insure we have 2 small and 1 large First Aid kit completed.
  • Chris B, can you get the first aid kits out that need to be updated.
Medical Needs / Food Allergies:

  • Do we have any medications or medical needs to be aware of (Epi-Pens, etc.)
  • Any food allergies?
Payments: (past due)
  • (past due) Please give Lou a $300.00 deposit in the next weeks to help defray the funds to be paid out in the near future.
  • (updated 6/25) Please provide Lou final payment!

Let’s get to work on this. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Michael O