Whitewater Center - June 7

US National Whitewater Center

T33 Scouts and Adults Going to the Whitewater Center Saturday,

Attendees.  26 scouts and 13 adults going on the trip.

Outstanding Items. I need to collect a waiver form (for scouts, signed by a parent) and a check from anyone who has not already turned that in. These items are your ticket to get on the bus Sat morning.

Travel Schedule. Please be at the hut at or before Greg L will drive the bus. Jonathan W and I will drive our vehicles. Jonathan is the trip grub master. Randy S is obtaining the Council tour permit.

Activity Schedule

  1. 9 am--11:35 am, Free Time. Scouts and adults will be free to participate in the activities of their choice, including many zip lines and climbing activities, extra raft trips if you can get a reservation once we are there, and mountain biking (with a supervising adult if you are 13 or under). Buddy system required. I suggest you review the website (www.usnwc.org) before you go, including the activities and their locations on the maps on the website. The Catawba River activities (kayaking and stand up paddle boarding) are off limits, because we cannot secure or supervise the river as required by the BSA rules.
  2. 11:45 am--12:40 pm, Lunch. Troop provided lunch at the designated area containing benches (but no tables) next to where Greg  will park the bus. Materials for ham and turkey sandwiches, chips, apples, granola bars etc.
  3. 1 pm--2:30 pm, Rafting. We have reservations for this time.
  4. 2:35 pm--5:00 pm, Free Time. Same as #1 above.
  5. 5:10 pm. Leave the Whitewater Center and head for the hut. About a 35 minute drive.
  1. Sneakers. No flip flops, crocs, soft beach shoes or heavy boots. River shoes with hard toe covering and sneakers OK for rafting.
  2. Comfortable shorts. Socks. Red troop t-shirts (suggest second one for rafting). Hat (check the weather for sun and heat).
  3. I suggest you bring in a day pack the clothes you want to wear on the rafting trip (shirts and shoes required). You can change on the bus during lunch and change back if you want after rafting at 2:35 pm. We will provide adult supervision at the bus after the 1 pm--2:30 pm rafting trip.
  4. Sunscreen. Towel.
This will be fun!
Steve H