2014 BBQ: Planning Page

ARCHIVE - 2014 BBQ is over. This page has been preserved for historical purposes only.

This page is intended for Troop 33 Scouts, Parents and Friends who are involved in executing the 2014 BBQ Fundraiser. If you are interested in purchasing BBQ, please follow this link: BBQ 2014: Customer Info for more information.

Wood Needs

If you are not with the troop, but are interested in providing wood, please reach us through the  Contact Us page.  Please do not dump wood on the property! 

**We do not need any more wood for the 2014 BBQ**

We need hard wood trees that are relatively easy to split. We can not accept just any type of wood. The specifications are:

Whole tree trunks or section tree trunks no bigger than 18” in diameter. Anything bigger than that requires us to rent chainsaws with bigger blades and produces tree sections that are heavy and unwieldy. We can’t use small tree limbs that can’t be cut with a chainsaw. 

Hardwoods: We prefer red oak, white oak and hickory. We do not want sweet gum (very difficult to split), poplar (produces ash, not coals), any kind of pine tree (cedar, yellow Pine, etc.). Pine cannot be used to make BBQ. Every time someone dumps pine at the hut, we have to get rid of it. 

Placement at the hut: We would like the wood dropped off behind the BBQ shelter where the pits are built. This keeps the wood somewhat out of sight and does not encourage unwanted dumping of trash wood at the hut.

Contact Michael, Thom or David Blackley when wood is to be delivered: If it is possible to do this, one of us may be able to meet the tree service guys when they deliver the wood.

  BBQ Sales / Marketing Forms:

  Download by clicking here: BBQ Excel Sales Form and here: BBQ Marketing Flyer

Key Dates (updated 10/31/13).  
  • October 13: Wood Day 
  • October 18-20: Roan Mtn - Oct 18
  • October 19: Sauce Day. We made 200 gallons of BBQ Sauce, poured 600 bottles of sauce and dipped 4,000 sauce cups! We had 25 volunteers helping out.
  • Last Wood Day: Saturday 11/9 starting at 8:00 – If we replicate the first 3 Wood Days, we should have enough wood for the BBQ. I know it is Veterans Day weekend. If you are out of town, you are out of town. 
  • November 15-17: Allison Woods - Nov 155
  • Week of December 1 - December 5: 
    • Pick up 3-4 cookers from T355 at Sharon Methodist and transport them to the hut.
    • Pick up chopper from Belk Scout Camp
    • Move some freezers upstairs
  • December 6: Need about 15 people in the 5:30-8:00 time frame for setup and to start cooking the meet for Brunswick Stew:
    • Get Burn barrels lit and start making coals. Light Charcoal to get the cookers heated up
    • Salt/Pepper the pork and get it on the cookers
    • Get 10 burners/pots/strainer baskets set up at shelter pad. Fill pots 1/3 way with water.
    • Set up tables  in the hut for chopping and bagging pork and chicken
    • Ruth: Need to get Ziploc bags for meat and order supplies for the 1/4/14 Stew assembly
  • December 6, Friday Overnight: We need 2 people or a team of people working in shifts to cook the pork overnight to be ready at 8:00am on Saturday
  • December 7 8:00-2:00
    • Process the pork. 
    • Cook boneless/skinless chicken thighs. Chop, bag and freeze
    • Clean up and put everything away
  • December 7: Salisbury / Spencer - Dec 7
  • ---2014--
  • January 3: Set up for Brunswick Stew Cooking:
    • Get burners, pots and propane tanks assembled
    • Set up hut for filling Stew containers
    • Get meat out of the freezers to thaw
  • January 4: We need about 40 people over the course of the day from 8:00-2:00
    • Set up 20 pots at the shelter
    • Start assembling the stew
    • Cook it. Cool it
    • Pour stew into quart containers 
    • Box up Stew
    • Transport stew to Herrin’s Ice House
    • You will be able to take home any stew that you plan to buy on Saturday 1/7
  • January 11: (RESCHEDULED) Pit Set Up: Thom is in Charge. Need all scouts and 25 adults to help with the lay out
  • January 30: BBQ Set Up Day Thursday morning.  Need 20 adults at the hut starting at 8:30am
  • January 30: Thursday night : As early as possible: All Scout Families need to attend.
    • Move fire wood to pit area
    • Salt/Pepper 6,000 pounds of pork
    • Get pork on the pits
    • Stoke barrels to make coals
    • Set up Hut and Church kitchen
  • January 30: Thursday Overnight Cooking Team: Need 15 adults for this
  • January 31: We need 50 adults to help on Friday from 6:00am – 5:00. This is critical. If you need to ask for time off from work, now is the time to do it. Pork comes off the pits starting at 5:00am.  This is a critical time in the BBQ
  • January 31: Friday evening: All Scout families need to be to the hut asap
  • February 1: Saturday Sales and Clean Up: All scout families need to work on Saturday to sell and for the final Clean up.  

Tickets / Sales / Sign-out Sheet

Please see Lou M. to receive tickets.