2015 BBQ: Planning Page

This page is intended for Troop 33 Scouts, Parents and Friends who are involved in executing the 2015 BBQ Fundraiser. If you are interested in purchasing BBQ, please follow this link: 2015 BBQ: Customer Info for more information.

  BBQ Sales Form:

  Download by clicking here: BBQ Excel Sales Form .

Key Dates (updated 1/14/15).  

Sat 1/10 From 8:00-12:00 Pit Building: All scouts and 20+ adults are needed. We will be building the pits. This includes moving the block from the back of the hut, grates, covers and doors from the basement. We will then cover the pits with the big gray tarp until the BBQ

Thurs 1/29 From 8:30-5:30 BBQ Set Up: We need 20-25 adults. Activities include:
  • Taking delivery of the pork 
  • Heating up the pits 
  • Getting the burn barrels going 
  • Setting up the hut for sales 
  • Setting up the church kitchen 
  • Setting up the tarp if needed. 
  • Seasoning the pork for the first cooking 
Thurs 1/29 From 5:00-9:00: Every scout and 30 adults needed. Activities include:
  • Getting the pork on for the first cooking 
  • Moving wood 
  • Finish setting up the kitchen, etc. 
Thursday Night Cook Team: 9:00pm-5:00am: We need 12-14 people who can stay overnight to tend to the pork on the pits. Let Thom and me know if you can be there to cook overnight.

Friday 1/30 5:00am-5:00pm: We need 50 adults at the hut working during the day on Friday. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME FOR THE BBQ. If you can be there at 5:00am, please plan to do that. If not until 8:00 (Getting kids off to school), that works. Friday morning is when we:
  • Take the finished BBQ off the pits and begin to break it down 
  • Put the second cooking on the pits 
  • Finish trimming the BBQ, chop and pack pounds for sale starting at 11:30. Make lunches 
  • Begin sales at the huts 
Friday 1/30 3:00-11:00: All scouts and all Parents/Alumni need to be there. Activities include:
  • Finishing the 2nd cooking 
  • Break down 2nd cooking, pick and pack the remaining pounds 
  • Begin to break down pits 
  • Selling at the hut. 
Sat 1/31 8:00-2:00: All scouts and adults. Activities include:
  • Cleaning up the kitchen
  • Breaking down pits and putting away all of the equipment
  • Sales.

Tickets / Sales / Sign-out Sheet

Please see Lou M. to receive tickets.

Wood Needs

If you are not with the troop, but are interested in providing wood, please reach us through the  Contact Us page.  Please do not dump wood on the property! 

**We do not need any more wood for the 2015 BBQ**

We need hard wood trees that are relatively easy to split. We can not accept just any type of wood. The specifications are:

Whole tree trunks or section tree trunks no bigger than 18” in diameter. Anything bigger than that requires us to rent chainsaws with bigger blades and produces tree sections that are heavy and unwieldy. We can’t use small tree limbs that can’t be cut with a chainsaw. 

Hardwoods: We prefer red oak, white oak and hickory. We do not want sweet gum (very difficult to split), poplar (produces ash, not coals), any kind of pine tree (cedar, yellow Pine, etc.). Pine cannot be used to make BBQ. Every time someone dumps pine at the hut, we have to get rid of it. 

Contact Michael, Thom or David Blackley when wood is to be delivered: If it is possible to do this, one of us may be able to meet the tree service guys when they deliver the wood.