Allison Woods - Oct 16

Parents and Scoutmasters,

We are preparing for the 4th Annual T3/118 Camporee, an event that has proven to one of the most popular of the year. We have pulled together events from Camporees going back 30 years aimed at being FUN while also showing scout skills and teamwork. Here is some important information on the event:

  • Date: Oct 16-18 
  • Place: Allison’s Woods (Statesville) 
  • Food: The T118 Café will provide all adult meals. We need to have 4-5 adults who can help the 118 folks with prep for each meal (It is incredible eating!!) 
  • Adult Participation: This is an event that we encourage participation by parents who might not normally g on camping trips. The scoutmasters will be with the boys. We need 14-18 committee adults to help with running the events. IT IS NOT TOO EARLY TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND. 
  • Troop Meeting Event Practice: Event details are below. We need adult help putting together the materials for practicing the events at the troop and/or patrol meetings. This includes gathering poles of various sizes, rope for lashings and knots, mousetraps, etc. Let me know if you can help with this.

For the next several weeks, each patrol will be conducting practice sessions at their weekly patrol meetings. These are very important meetings for each patrol and their members. The greater the scout participation, the more they will increase their skill level and build on leadership.

Please let Michael know if you can volunteer for the weekend’s events,

Bruce M