High Adventure - Jul 8

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Uintas Highline Trail

As we near the July  8 departure date for SLC, the calendar will start to fill up with activities in preparation for our trip. Since the last meeting, we have had communications about additional  activities that need to be completed. Outlined below are dates of additional meetings. Please put them on your calendar. If you are unable to attend, please let me know in advance.

  • June 8, 2015(Monday)_6:30 p.m. @ Scout Hut -General Review Meeting
  • June 14, 2015 (Sunday)_6:30 p.m. @ Scout Hut - Backpack Shakedown - Come to the meeting with a completely packed backpack (no water in your water bottles). 
  • June 27, 2015(Saturday)_5:00 p.m. @ Harris House (Harris's will provide Hamburger dinner!!!)
  • July 5, 2015 (Sunday)_5:30 p.m. @ Scout Hut - Pack Food, Final Gear Shakedown (Bring your fully packed backpack) 
One Note*

There is a good deal of information on the One Note site about the trip. I strongly urge you to go to the site to review the available information as more up to date than this web page.  (see your email for web address of One Note for the trip).

  • March 30 (past due) $100
  • May 5 (past due) $200 (total)
  • June 1 $500 deposit (total) to Lou M (We have a Scout Meeting that evening). If you need to know your Scout Buck status, please check with Lou M. 
  • Lou  - Would you send out a note with everyone's current Scout Buck status so they do not need to individually come to you??

Medical Forms - Due Date is June 15, 2015

All need to get their forms in an electronic version to Greg L. Would prefer the BSA Health Form and Insurance Card in one file for each individual. 


Brett H and Mark R met to create maps for possible hiking segments on the trip. Each proposed segment is on One Note. It provides a good overview of what the topography looks like for each segment. Nate and Nathan will be responsible for providing input on the segments (how far we want to hike each day, where we camp, what are options if thing are good/not so good). You need to coordinate with Brett H and Mark R.

Packing List

Walt L will update the packing list and put on One Note. The packing list edits (mostly all common gear) had to do with:

  • Headnets - Check with Chris B to make sure all in good order
  • Adult Tents - Will be supplied by Mark R and Kevin W
  • Scout Tents - Use the older 2 person LLBean (current vintage is not reliable). Confirm with Chris B that we have 5 in inventory
  • Stove - Will use the pocket rocket. Need a quantity of 4. Will buy fuel in SLC. Walt L to verify quantity of fuel to buy
  • Dishwashing - Bring 3 empty bottles for bleach, Buy in SLC to fill.
  • Lighters - Buy in SLC
  • Bear Bags - Bring 2 and supplement with Tent bags if needed. Since food is plastic bagged, no need for garbage bags
  • Tarps - Bring 3
  • Collapsible Water Bags (Dromedary bags) - Bring 2-4L bags
  • Dirty Water Container for Filtering - Kevin W to supply a collapsible version (will not bring Troops)
  • Water Filter - Bring 3 and Kevin W to supply chemical treatment as back up
  • First Aid Kits - Bring one Troop supplied and Kevin W to provide the second
  • Pooh Shovels - Kevin W to supply two metal shovels
  • Satellite Phone - We will order from Mobal.com. This will cost us ~ $140 for the week (all inclusive)
Touring Options

John and Mark beefed out our Touring Options for SLC. I have listed them below in order of interest (this is from my perspective)

  • Kennecott Copper Mine (won't work, closed)
  • Antelope Island State Park/Great Salt Lake
  • Temple Square
  • Leonardo Contemporary Museum
  • Tracy Aviary
  • Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Bonneville Salt Flat. 
Brett - Would you go over the logistics for the first 5 options (cost, how to get there, what to do there, expected time for the visit<including travel time>)?

T Shirts

We are set on design and color. Abram / Colin find out the Uintas Highland Trail logo exists. If yes, will add to shirt. Abram/Colin will send out Troop email to see if any one else would like to order. We will place order on June 1.

Shuttle Service

Have contact with Craig B with SLC BSA Scout Office to solicit older Scout/Scoutmaster to provide one way shuttle for two Drivers. Mark R has contact with a service to shuttle us to trail head and pick us up at take out point. This will cost ~ $1200. The later option will save us ~ $500 in car rental costs.


Greg L will contact Westminster College, George Wythe University and Univ of Utah about lodging options. We have a Boys/Girls Club but we have to be out by 6:30 a.m. each day so looking at options


Will shop on June 22 and pack on July 5 for the food.

Air Travel

Since the meeting I purchased all 15 tickets on Delta due a 25+% price advantage vs US Air ($392 on Delta vs $515 on US Air). Pricing was $392+/ticket. Both flights were non stop between CLT and SLC.