Summer Camp - Jun 21

updated 5/22/15

See forms at bottom of this page in addition to links found in the text.

I recommend that each parent read the short leader's guide for the camp your scout will attend.  This will give you an overview, including a recommended personal gear list.
The leader's guides are located here:

General: (updated 5/22)

  • Dates: June 21 -- 27
  • Location:  We will have scouts attending summer camp at Camp Powhatan base camp and Claytor Lake aquatics base camp this summer.  For more information on those two programs, please visit the web site of the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation and click on the Summer Camp tab:
  • Attendance: (past due) If you would like to participate in summer camp, which is a lot of fun, please send me an email and let me know.  If you have have attended summer camp three prior years, you may attend the program at Claytor Lake.
  • Claytor Lake Only.  If your scout takes the personal watercraft class, your scout and you will be required to sign the Participation and HoldHarmless Agreement.  Please read this form now.  I will collect the signed forms shortly after we complete the May 31 merit badge online signup process.
Gear / Equipment (updated 3/16)
  • Official Guides. Please take a look at the personal equipment checklist in the Administration Guide: 2015 Administrative Guide (both camps) 
  • Troop 33 Guide.  See attachment at the bottom of this page.
  • Foam pad and sleeping bag 
  • Plastic tub that fits under cot 
  • Synthetic fabrics that can be rinsed and reused 
  • A scout needs less clothes than you might think 
  • Snacks in sealed plastic container. Will put in trailer each night. 
  • Optional funds for camp store and ice cream 
  • Pocket knife purchase rule 
  • No electronics other than watches and headlights (extra batteries)

Schedule (updated 5/24)

  • Pre-departure Saturday 6/20
    • June 20, 9 am at the hut
    • All scouts must attend and check in all gear, except class A uniforms (with neckerchief and slide but without sash).
    • Need adult volunteers for the following sign up tables: 1) final medical forms and meds concerns; 2) Friday night dinner sign up; 3) special transportation arrangements on Sunday, June 23; 4) confirm merit badge books, special materials and prepay amounts; 5) uniform purchases; 6) post-camp BOR signup.
  • Departure Sunday 6/21
    • All scouts must arrive at hut by 8:41 am.
    • Patrol file at 8:46 am
    • Bus departs at 9 am.
    • Bring a bag lunch and drink.
  • While at Camp
    • See attachment at the bottom of this page for daily activities.
  • End of Camp Dinner, Friday 6/26
    • All parents invited
    • Need parent volunteer to organize and deliver
    • Historically has been Price's fried chicken plus parent-supplied pot luck items
  • Return Saturday 6/27
    • Arrive at hut by noon
    • Each scout will ride back on the bus unless he is headed for a destination other than the Charlotte area.

Medical Forms and Needs: (past due)

  • Medical Form. Complete all three parts (A, B and C) and deliver to Steve H by Troop meeting on May 18 unless you have made special arrangements with Steve. 

  • Download Form. Each scout and adult going to summer camp will need to complete BSA medical forms part A, B and C. Part C must be signed by a doctor or other medical professional included in the BSA description. Form located at
  • Insurance Card. When you turn in the medical forms, please include a copy of your insurance card. When you copy the card, please copy the front and back of the card onto one side of one page of paper. Please do not copy the front of the card on page one and the back of the card on page two.
  • Due Date - May 18. We would like to have all medical forms completed and turned into Steve Hunting by May 18, 2014.  If you will be sending it later in May, please let Steve know now. 
  • ADULT LEADERS GOING TO SUMMER CAMP. You will need to send your completed medical form (including the part the physician signs) to Steve by May 15 as well. 
  • Allergies. When you turn in the medical forms, please include a description of any allergies your scout has and any medications you scout will need to take during summer camp.  Please let Steve H or Kevin W know if you have any questions.
  • Medicine.  In the past, the camp has used "Blister Packs" for sending medication to camp.  This year, the scouts and their adult leaders will be responsible for storing and distributing medication. Please let Kevin W know if your scout will or may be taking medication during summer camp.
  • Special Dietary Needs. Please let me know.
Money:(past due)
  • Final Payment. Balance due to Lou Magaldi at Troop meeting on May 18. 
  • Total Cost. The total cost per scout for Camp Powhatan is $310. The total cost per scout for Claytor Lake is $340. Each scout attending will need to make a second $100 deposit at or before the troop meeting on March 24.
  • Troop must pay by June 1. (No Troop meeting on Memorial Day, May 25.) 
  • Please make checks payable to Troop 33 and give it to Lou Magaldi, our summer camp treasurer, or Kevin Woods.
  • Payments Due:
    • January 26 - $100 Initial Deposit
    • March 30 - $100 Payment
    • May 18 - $110 (Powhatan) / $140 (Claytor) Balance Due
  • Refund Policy. The troop’s payments are due on February 1st and April 1st. The balance of fees is due on June 1st. We have until April 1st to cancel our reservation and receive a refund. After April 1st. We will not receive a refund except “in the case of death of an immediate family member, sickness or injury, or military transfer” a refund of “all but $100 of fees paid when verified by a physician, military commander, or such official… Reasons such as vacation schedule, summer school, and last minute changes of mind are not acceptable reasons for refunds.” In summary: Change your mind before April 1st = full refund. After April 1st only injury/death/transfer are valid reasons to obtain a refund of fees paid minus $100..

      Merit Badge Registration:   (past due)

      • Each scout's requests, plus at least three alternates, due to Kevin W by Troop meeting on May 4 
      • Include some Eagle required merit badges. 
      • Questions? Ask Kevin W or Walter L. 
      • Need adult volunteers to help with web site sign up on or around May 30. [The actual date hasn’t been announced, but has traditionally fallen on the first Saturday of June. I’m guessing on 5/30 or 6/6.] The commitment is for two hours or less around noon. 
      • Powhatan merit badge classes. Please go to the last page of the Leader's Guide at the following link: 2015 Powhatan Leader's Guide.  There you will find the 2015 merit badge class schedule. Please be thinking about your scout's first and second choice in each hour slot. I will ask you to send me your scout's choices in May. 
      • Make sure your scout meets all prerequisites. 
      • Each scout must have all six time blocks (9, 10 and 11 am and 2, 3 and 4 pm) filled. 
      • Claytor Lake merit badge classes. Please go to the last page of the Leader's Guide at the following link: 2015 Claytor Lake Leader's Guide. There you will find the 2015 merit badge class schedule. Please be thinking about your scout's first and second choice in each slot. I will ask you to send me your scout's choices in May. 
      • Sign-up form.  See attachment at bottom of this page.

       SPL and ASPL: (updated 5/24)

      • Excellent leadership opportunities for older scouts 
      • Will designate by May 18 Troop meeting 
      • Will require some preparation before June 21 
      • Duty roster 
      • Scout teams for dinner and desert competitions 
      • Camp leadership meetings


      • Volunteers: We need at least four (4) adult volunteers on site at base camp (Powhatan) each day.  If you have an interest in serving as one of the adult leaders at camp for a full or partial week, please let Walter L or me know
      • Responsibilities:
        • Grubmaster 
        • Quartermaster 
        • Bus driver 
        • Trailer hauler 
        • Attending: Walter L, Jean D, Joseph L


      • Please feel free to contact Kevin W if you have any questions.

      Kevin W

      Lance Read,
      May 24, 2015, 12:47 PM
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