Tanawha Trail - May 15

This months trip is to the Tanawha Trail in Blowing Rock on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We will be staying at Julian Price Park both Friday and Saturday. This is a 14 mile hike along the Parkway. We will be hiking with day packs. Here is information for your patrols to use at their patrol meetings. 

  • Each patrol will need Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner. Light snack if they want Sunday morning. The trailer will be available for Saturday breakfast and dinner.
  • Patrols will cook a meal on the trail and also cook for the adults hiking with them. (Patrols will be reimbursed for cost of adult lunch)
  • Saturday night patrols will cook a normal dinner. We will also have a Dutch oven dessert competition.
  • Please encourage your patrols to pack their day packs appropriately for the hike.
    • rain gear
    • two Nalgenes
    • one or two stoves for cooking lunch
    • a patrol tarp
    • a first aid kit
    • a water pump
    • trail snacks
    • food for lunch.
  • We have asked the boys to give us ideas for Saturday night activities. Will have this by Monday.
  • We will take the bus to the trailhead Saturday morning. Sharks and their adults will return to camp and do their activities from there.
  • Sunday morning we are going to breakfast at the Daniel Boone Inn! Our reservation is at 10:30. Will plan to leave camp at 9:30.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this trip.

Randy S