Summer Camp - Jun 19

updated 6/28/16

See forms at bottom of this page in addition to links found in the text.

I recommend that each parent read the short leader's guide for the camp your scout will attend.  This will give you an overview, including a recommended personal gear list.
The leader's guides are located here:

Gear / Equipment
  • Official Guides. Please take a look at the personal equipment checklist in the Administration Guide: 2016 Administrative Guide (both camps) 
  • Troop 33 Guide.  See attachment at the bottom of this page.
  • Foam pad and sleeping bag 
  • Plastic tub that fits under cot 
  • Synthetic fabrics that can be rinsed and reused 
  • A scout needs less clothes than you might think 
  • Snacks in sealed plastic container. Will put in trailer each night. 
  • Optional funds for camp store and ice cream 
  • Pocket knife purchase rule 
  • No electronics other than watches and headlights (extra batteries)


  • Pre-departure Saturday 6/18
    • June 18, 9 am at the hut
    • All scouts must attend and check in all gear, except class A uniforms (with neckerchief and slide but without sash).
    • Need adult volunteers for the following sign up tables: 1) final medical forms and meds concerns; 2) Friday night dinner sign up; 3) special transportation arrangements on Sunday, June 26; 4) confirm merit badge books, special materials and prepay amounts; 5) uniform purchases; 6) post-camp BOR signup.
  • Departure Sunday 6/19
    • All scouts must arrive at hut by 8:41 am.
    • Patrol file at 8:46 am
    • Bus departs at 9 am.
    • Bring a bag lunch and drink.
  • End of Camp Dinner, Friday 6/24
    • All parents invited
    • Need parent volunteer to organize and deliver
    • Historically has been Price's fried chicken plus parent-supplied pot luck items
  • Return Saturday 6/25
    • Arrive at hut by noon
    • Each scout will ride back on the bus unless he is headed for a destination other than the Charlotte area.