Merit Badge Workshop

posted Mar 11, 2014, 7:49 PM by Lance Read   [ updated Mar 11, 2014, 8:07 PM by Jean Doiron ]

Scouts and Parents,

Schedule.  Our merit badge program starts Monday night (3/10) and will continue on the following additional Monday night troop meetings:  3/24, 3/31 and 4/7.  The MB workshop in which you will participate is listed below.  Mr. Read and I have confirmed that no scout is assigned to a merit badge he already has.  If you have been assigned to a MB you already have, please let Mr. Read and me know right away.  Please come to the troop meeting at the Hut at the normal time each time.  We will have our normal opening, possibly a few instructions, and will then disburse for the workshops at 7:40 pm.  We will all gather back at the Hut at 8:45 each evening for announcements and our closing.

Leaders and Meeting Rooms.  The leader of each workshop and the place where each workshop will meet is listed below.  The sustainability workshop will meet in the Hut, and the other four will meet in the specified rooms in the Education Building across the street at the church.  Those going to the Education Building will all go together in an orderly fashion under the supervision of assigned scoutmasters and other adults.  Look both ways before you cross the street.

MB Books and Worksheets.  Each scout will need access to the applicable BSA MB book.  Two scouts may share a book.  Each scout should read the entire MB book early in the process.  If you do that before our meeting Monday night, you will be ahead of the game.  The Troop Librarian will check out the MB books that the troop has on Monday night just before we disburse.  In addition to bring the MB book, each scout should bring to each meeting, including the one on 3/10, a pen or pencil and copy of the appropriate MB worksheet which you can find at  For example, here is a link to the Sustainabilty worksheet at that website:  (Note:  The BSA store on Westinghouse Blvd is open 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday.  Here is a link for the address and directions:

BORs.  The troop will not conduct boards of review on these four nights.  The MB workshops will not meet on 3/17, and Mr. Read plans to organize BORs on that night, giving priority to rank advancements.  If you are ready for a rank advancement BOR, please let Mr. Read know right away.

Assisting Scoutmasters and Other Adults.  I will assign each scoutmaster in attendance (who is not already assigned to lead a workshop) to a particular workshop to provide crowd control, security and other appropriate assistance.  Other adults are welcome to observe the workshops.  While I believe each workshop leader has lined up other adults to help prepare for and lead the workshops, more help is always welcome.  If you are willing to help one of our leaders below, I encourage you to contact him or her promptly and offer your help.

Goal and Feedback.  Our goal is for each scout to complete all of the requirements and earn the MB during this period of time.  When we finish these MB workshops, I will be interested in your opinions as to whether we should repeat this process with different MBs later in the year.  Please feel free to share your thoughts with me or any other scoutmaster.

-Steve H

Merit Badges (please see email sent on 3/7 for ilst of Scouts in each class)

Citizenship in the World (Steve H, Education Building Rooms 102-103)

Communications (John H, Education Building Room 106)

Family Life (Brett H, Education Building Room 215)

Personal Management (Randy S, Education Building Room 218)

Sustainability (Leslie R, Hut)