2016 - New Rank Requirements!

posted Jan 3, 2016, 7:27 AM by Jean Doiron   [ updated Jan 3, 2016, 7:29 AM ]

BSA has released new requirements for each of the ranks effective Jan 1, 2016. The wording has changed on most all requirements, but that does not necessarily make it different. “In general,” there are more/new requirements. Scout through First Class have the most changes. Some requirements which existed for higher ranks have now been moved to lower ranks. See 2016BoyScoutRequirements 8.14.2015 for a side by side comparison.

There is a transition period for those who joined BSA prior to Jan 1, 2016. See Transitioning New Requirements 2016 … this document explains it pretty clearly. Please read this asap.

I still have work to do and need to work with the Scout Leaders so that we all have the same understanding, but please send me any questions / concerns and I will work to get an answer. Also, see 2016BoyScoutrequirementsFAQs.

***My assumption will be that each Scout will continue to work on their next rank using the old requirements until such time as they must convert to the new requirements (again, see Transitioning New Requirements 2016 ). If, however, you want to switch to the new requirements, please let me know so I can focus on that specific rank/Scout.

There will be additional communication forthcoming.

Happy New Year
Lance R