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posted Jun 5, 2012, 4:52 PM by Lance Read   [ updated Jun 5, 2012, 6:39 PM by Jean Doiron ]
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To All,
We have two weeks until we depart for Summer Camp at Ottari on Sun, June 17, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. from the Scout Hut. We completed the Merit Badge sign ups last Sat and all got what they requested except for one badge for one Scout. What is left to do.

1. Friday Night Meal (June 22, 2012 at Ottari) - It is our tradition that we invite our parents up to summer camp for a Friday evening picnic. Amy Woods are you still up for this (yes??). The picnic will start at ~ 5:00 p.m. and parents usually stay for the evening camp fire. It is a good time to see what your sons have done for the week and the camp fire is usually pretty entertaining. We ask that attending parents bring a side dish. The main course is typically Price's Chicken.

2. Select an acting Senior and Asst Senior Patrol Leader for Camp Ottari - If you son is interested in either role, have them contact me. The SPL and ASPL will be responsible for consolidating the patrols, arranging for participation in the camp cook off (who are the chefs, menus, ingredients, utensils) for Wednesday evening , setting duty rosters.

3. Troop Gear List - I need to get a Troop gear list to Chris Baxas, get it set aside and then loaded on the trailer on Sat, June 16, 2012 after check in.

4. Adult Volunteer Meeting- For the adults going to Ottari, we will have a brief meeting on Wed, June 13, 2012 at the Scout Hut at 7:00 p.m. I want to make sure are all on the same page. Our volunteers are
  • Steve Hunting
  • Kevin Woods
  • Walt Linker
  • Brett Harris
  • Robert Lambert
The SPL and ASPL should also plan to attend.

5. Mandatory Check-In- We will have a mandatory check-in on Sat, June 16, 2012 starting at 8:45 a.m. at the hut. We should be done in under 90 minutes. We will
a, Check in your tote or equivalent (it goes on the trailer that morning and you will not have access to it until we arrive at Ottari, so it needs to be packed)
b. Confirm Medical forms are in order
c. Drop off all medications
d. Pay any balances due (merit badge, last payment)
e. Buy any needed Troop T shirts, neckerchiefs, slides, hats
f. Sat (June 23, 2012) return transportation - Will you scout ride home on the bus or will you pick them up?
g. Friday night meal sign up - $5.00/head to cover Chicken cost.
h. Merit Badge board of review sign up - We will have over 150 merit badges completed at camp and we need parent volunteers to sit on boards to review them all.
I need 9 volunteers to cover these 8 stations. We will hold everything in the hut. If you can help out, please let me know. I will consolidate all stations that involve money so you can write one check (balance due, Troop supplies, Friday nite meal).

If you can not make this check in, make arrangements with someone to get your Scout's gear to the hut that Sat morn.

When we depart on Sun, June 17, 2012 at 9:00 a.m., your Scout will be in Class A (no neckerchief or slide), have their day pack and a lunch with them. No electronics.

6. Merit Badges - Has your son gone through their merit badge selection to see what prerequisites there are for camp? Have they gotten a copy of the merit badge book? IF no, they should at least see what is required, print off a worksheet from ( click here to go to a web site that has worksheets for each badge )

Greg LeBlanc

Full trip information and all forms are found here: Summer Camp - June 17th