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posted Jun 19, 2012, 10:13 PM by Lance Read   [ updated Jun 25, 2012, 8:16 PM by Jean Doiron ]
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To All,
We are now into mid afternoon on Tues of our week at Camp Ottari and all are doing well. The boys have managed to navigate a new camp layout (we were used to Powhatan and Ottari is different - especially in that it has a few more hills) without much difficulty. They have found their way to the merit badges and we have gotten any reports that our boys have been absent. I heard a rumor that the food was better than what we have had in the past (but I will hold judgment until th end of the week). We had several boys hit their first targets during the open shooting at shotgun. We had grumblings about the Polar Bear swim (we have to get up at 6:00 a.m.) but everyone got into the water and gave it a thumbs up after getting out. We will be heading over to the Zip Line tonight (it goes across the Lake) and then having a cracker barrel for a troop from Richmond, VA.

Mr. Hunting and I have made a couple of trips over to Claytor Lake and our lone scout there, Zach Belk, is giving it a more than an OK. He is in motorboating, small boat sailing, personal watercraft (read jet ski, but he did not get to drive it on Mon, just sit on the back seat while the instructor drove) and water sports (water skiing - he is choosing to wakeboard).

Will get you another update on Thurs and see those who are coming up for the picnic on Fri.

Greg LeBlanc


We are on the home stretch for our week at Ottari. We are looking for 100% completion of all our merit badges by the end of the day on Fr. Since I last wrote we
  • have had cracker barrel with T-236 from Roanoke - the boys took the initiative in starting the evening's skits around the campfire without adult intervention!!
  • a nice size garter snake was recovered from under Jackson and Ross's tent and relocated (pictures later).
  • we completed a camp service project by cleaning out the ditch on a main road going from the welcome center to the swimming area (the ditch filled up with run off from the road and we returned the run off back to the road, our new gloves came in very handy for a manual labor intensive exercise).
  • We finally had some boys try out the Ottari zip line for a 832 ft ride over the lake. Andrew Beals even went back for seconds!!
  • Our Color Guard (Jackson Acuff, Liam Dixson, Nick Berger, Stone Linker, Carter Bugg, Cameron McClure. Andrew Beals, and William Hunting) continued the T-33 tradition for an outstanding opening flag ceremony this morning. We received many compliments from other adult leaders. Many thanx to Walt Blackwood for setting the standards for this tradition
  • Andrew Lambert received kudos for leading a First Aid class for about 15 minutes when an instructor was late for class.
I think you will have see growth in your sons when they return!! 

Tonight we will have our last Cracker Barrel for the Camp staff that will include world famous T-33 BBQ (looking to reduce expenses at the request of Joel Kepley). Will see those that come up tomorrow morning or at about 12:30 on Sat at the Hut for those that do not.

Greg LeBlanc