Winterplace Ski Trip - Feb 24

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We will be going to Winterplace Ski Resort in West Virginiafor the February Ski Trip. The trip is scheduled for February 24-26, 2017. (Please note this is the weekend after President’s Day.)


  • 2/24 5:30 pm Depart Scout Hut
  • 2/25 8 am – 8 pm Full Day Skiing- includes lesson
  • 2/26 8 am – 12 pm Half-day Skiing, return to Scout Hut by 5 pm
There are two ski package options available. Since this is a BSA planned ski trip, all trip participants are required to wear skiing/snowboarding helmets (bike helmets are not a substitute). The cost of helmet rental is included in the pricing. Ski and snowboard rentals are the same price.
  • Option 1: Scout ski/snowboard package with full equipment = $125.00
  • Option 2: Lift ticket and helmet rental only = $100.00
All Scouts will be required to participate in an ability group ski lesson.

Scouts are only responsible for their Friday night meal. All other meals will be provided by the Troop and are included in the cost.

All Scouts will be required to bring $1 for overnight storage of their skis at the ski lodge.

Please let Walter B know by e-mail if you and/or your Scout(s) will be attending.

Please indicate if you or your son will be renting skis or snowboard. There is no separate rental agreement to be completed at this time.

Please indicate your son’s age.

Additional pertinent information.

  • All checks are payable to BSA Troop 33 and can be turned in on Monday Night to myself or someone in the Scoutmaster office collecting for the Ski Trip. The goal is to provide payments by Monday February 13th. Payments need to be made by the Friday February 24th when we depart from the Scout Hut.
  • Scouts are only responsible for their Friday night meal. All other meals are included. Additional food items can be purchased by the Scouts at the resort at their own expense.
  • I strongly recommend either bringing a ski lock or plan to spend $1.00 for ski check-in for lunch, dinner, and overnight – approximately $4.00 should be sufficient for the ski holding process.
  • We will be conducting a Snowsports Merit Badge program. More information will be provide in later e-mails.

Additional Information for Adult Volunteers:

  • We will be keeping vehicles to a minimum; however, let me know if you can drive and how many total seats (including driver) in your vehicle.
  • Greg L has volunteered to drive the bus.
  • David B has volunteered to pull the trailer.
  • Peter W and Kendal M have volunteered to be Grubmasters. It’s a pretty easy grubmaster trip so please discuss with John H who has done this before.
  • Kendal M volunteered to be in the Ski Lodge to help manage Saturday lunch and as a contact for the Scouts to go to if they need assistance for anything.
  • If you do not ski, your help is welcome to assist Kendal and this trip can be attended at no cost.

We have done an exceptional job at controlling costs.

  • The Troop will cover transportation, lodging, and all but Friday’s meal
  • Scout Bucks from your BBQ sales efforts can be used to pay for part or all of the trip.
  • If there is a financial concern about being able to pay for the trip, please contact Kendal M or Walter B.

Thank you and we look forward to a great skiing adventure with the Troop! Winterplace Home Page:

Please note that parents/guardians are responsible for their Scout’s rented equipment and the terms of the rental requirements. If the Scout damages or loses the equipment, you are accountable to reimburse the Troop for the cost of the replacement equipment.

- Walt B