Scouting at Sardis Presbyterian Church got its start in 1941 when Joe Hutchinson organized a group of boys from the rural Sardis community into Boy Scouts of America Trooop 33.

[Joe Hutchison, 1941 Scoutmaster ] 

In the early years, the troop remained small and met in the now demolished Miller Sunday School building and then a wooden scout hut that sat in the vicinity of the Education Building.

[ Scouts on Bikes, circa 1943] 

[Scouts, crica 1943] 

In 1966 the Mike Thomasson Memorial Scout Lodge was built on the opposite side of the road. This gift from the Thomasson family was timely because of the growing population of boys due to the development of Lansdowne, Stonehaven and other areas in the Sardis community. By then Sardis had a Cub Scout program as well, and afterwards a second Boy Scout prgram, Troop 133, would be added at Sardis.

[Mike Thomasson Memorial Scout Lodge, built 1966, picture 2013]

[ Scouts in Washington, DC. 1974 ] 

[Scouts at Philmont, 1976] 

[ Scouts at Philmont, 1978]